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CLARAty Team Receives The One NASA Peer Award

CLARAty Team Receives The One NASA Peer Award
JPL members of the CLARAty team with their awards.

The One NASA Peer Award has been given to the multi-institutional development team for the Coupled Layer Architecture for Robotic Autonomy (CLARAty). CLARAty is a unified and reusable software system that standardizes robotic functionality and simplifies the integration of new technologies on robotic platforms. This award is designed to recognize a "team that has made a significant accomplishment promoting the NASA Strategic Goals utilizing a One NASA approach." The award citation reads:

In recognition of your achievements in the demonstration of One NASA behaviors. You have been recognized by your peers for the accomplishment of creating and applying a software framework for integrating innovations in robotics into rapid insertion into NASA's flight missions.

Members of the CLARAty team include:

Issa Nesnas
Tara Estlin
Hara Das Nayar
Michael McHenry
Richard Madison
I-Hsiang Shu
Mihail Pivtoraiko
Babak Sapir
Gregg Radideau
Dan Gaines

Clayton Kunz

Carnegie Mellon University
David Apfelbaum
Reid Simmons

University of Minnesota
Stergios Roumeliotis