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Robots Demonstrated At JPL's Open House

Robots Demonstrated At JPL's Open House
Avi Okon talks to visitors (foreground) while Julie Townsend describes the LEMUR system (background). (Click on the image to see more pictures.)

JPL roboticists showcased a dozen robotic systems at this year's Open House. Amongst these were:

Flight hardware:
Phoenix mission arms (undergoing live tests)

Limbed systems from large to small:
Spiderbots (climbing a mesh)
LEMURs (walking demos)

Mars Rover prototypes:
FIDO (navigating a rock field)
Rocky 8 (approaching and touching rocks)
Pluto (displaying live stereo imagery)
Rocky 7

New concepts:
Cliffbot (rappelling a steep incline)
PAARV Titan crawler
Aerobot blimp (video display of desert flying)

Roboticists participating in this year's open house were:
Norman Ahmad, Bob Bonitz, Daniel Clouse, Curtis Collins, Matt DiCicco, Matt Heverly, Terry Huntsberger, Brett Kennedy, Eric Kulczyck, Rich Madison, Jaret Matthew, Mike McHenry, Jim Montgomery, Issa Nesnas, Kevin Nickels, Avi Okon, Richard Petras, Mihail Pivtoraiko, Matt Robinson, Al Sirota, Ashley Stroupe, Julie Townsend, Richard Volpe, Kevin Watson, Paulo Younse, Wayne Zimmerman